Vulkatec Riebensahm

VulkaTec - pure, natural volcanic materials, refined using modern processing techniques

Since 1986, VulkaTec has been producing and supplying

  • planting substrates
  • filter materials
  • additives
  • building materials

made of the natural igneous minerals pumice and lava stone. VulkaTec also utilises the excellent intrinsic properties of volcanic stone materials to manufacture filter materials for the drinking water and waste water industries. The volume of processed material exceeds 350,000 m3 annually.

As market leader, VulkaTec provides innovative solutions for green roof systems.

In addition to a continuous process of product improvement and quality assurance, VulkaTec has developed special airjet material transfer and lifting systems that considerably facilitate and speed up the transfer of substrates to roofs and extreme locations. Thanks to this technological advantage, VulkaTec can supply materials at very favourable prices. Simply compare our prices with those of our competitors!