What can you find on the exhibition floor?
All products and services for public spaces are discussed on the exhibition floor and in the lectures. You will also find several special initiatives on the exhibition floor. These areas deal with a specific topic that focuses on experience or interaction. Read more below about the highlights and activities of the exhibition.

Climate Garden

In cooperation with 'Stichting Klimaatgesprekken', we have a new experience on the exhibition floor this year. Looking for a place where you can discuss climate issues with colleagues? Come to the Climate Garden. At the large wooden table you can talk to Climate Advisors about making society climate-proof. Around the climate garden companies exhibit that have the focus on climate in their mission and vision.
A place to share knowledge and experiences about climate issues.

Smart City

A smart city knows that data and technology help her to get better. A future-proof city can't do without citizens' initiatives and knowledge sharing. All aspects of a smart city comes together on the exhibition floor in the 'Smart City'. In the Smart City you will learn more about Digital Society and Environmental Management.

Het Plein

At The Square, or in Dutch Het Plein, visitors experience a realistic simulated public meeting place. The initiators of Het Plein shows you what is possible in the field of professional and sustainable design of the public space. Craftsmanship and experience are important at this unique part of the exhibition floor. The theme of Het Plein for this year is: "Elevated to art."

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  • All aspects of public space in focus. Over 600 exhibitors.