Highlights edition 2018

Sharpening your senses

Upon arrival, you immediately get the feeling that you are entering the world of public space. That is what we strived for at the Expo for Public Space 2018. Much effort was devoted to the fair experience, for you to actually experience the products and services on offer. You gave the atmosphere in the exhibition halls an impressive 7.9 rating.

How to take part in the experience? On the Nature playground, made up of products from various parties, and created by Suzanne van Ginneken, you could experience how water is collected and children were allowed to play with the water. On Bordeaux Square various companies presented their applications for climate adaptation. The unique collaboration between the companies resulted in a very attractive square. There was also an imitation of a meeting place in the public space, The Square. Leading companies joined forces to create this very pleasant setting. The floor was covered with layers of street bricks, concrete and semi-hardened surfaces. The water tables of natural stone, the wooden furniture and beautiful plants combined with delicious Italian coffee served by a barista completed the picture. Finally, there was the Underground Experience Street, where you were given insight into the underground opportunities for urban renewal, green and water.

The Green City

The Green City; the place where you could come into contact with everything regarding green and sustainability. Once you arrived at this part of the exhibition floor, it felt as if you entered a 'green world'. In addition to the many plants and other items that belong in a sustainable living environment, The Green City consisted of various stands, a large knowledge square of 140 m2, an exhibition area for sustainable labelled products and a lecture hall with inspiring speakers, where Nico Wissing and Lodewijk Hoekstra fulfilled the role of hosts. Subjects that were discussed included: nature-inclusive building, circularity, biobased solutions, making the living environment more sustainable in a measurable way and participation 2.0. NL Greenlabel, partner of ExpoProof, was responsible for setting up this 'bit of city park' on the exhibition floor.

​Sharing knowledge

Interactive routes
The interactive routes were new in this edition. Walking over the exhibition floor and gaining a lot of interesting knowledge in a relatively short time. The three interactive routes led you along exhibitors from the trade. These consisted of the Green Inspiration Tour, the Movement Route and the Biobased Route.

More than 90 lectures
Is it possible for concrete to be plant-friendly? How do we anchor spatial adaptation in our work? And what is the importance of play for the development of the brain and behaviour? These and many more questions were answered in more than 90 lectures.

A lecture that was met with much interest was about the future of architecture and urban development, as well as a lecture on linking nature to architecture. Meteorologist Helga van Leur entered into a conversation with you regarding the impact of climate change on the Netherlands. On Thursday, Nico Wissing, green visionary in the world of garden and landscape architecture and founder of NL Greenlabel, sketched in words and images what the near future will look like if the added value of green in the living environment is appreciated. In the Knowledge Arena you found out all there is to know about the Environment Act and Smart Villages.

​The best fair for the latest developments

With 6,348 visitors and more than 600 exhibitors in 2018, the Expo for Public Space is the biggest trade fair in design, layout, maintenance and management of public space in the Netherlands (you can find more figures on the previous fair edition here). Why did all those visitors come to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on 26 and 27 September 2018? Because of the comprehensive offer. All conceivable products and services relating to public space were addressed here. Therefore, according to 85% of the visitors in an ExpoProof survey, the top reason for visitors to attend the trade fair is gathering knowledge about the latest inventions. No less than 96% of the visitors recommends the fair to colleagues and other professionals in the trade! So make sure to be there on 2 and 3 October 2019.

  • The most comprehensive event about products, services and technologies that shape public space.

  • Everything you need for your commercial projects in one place.

  • All aspects of public space in focus. Over 600 exhibitors.