Rod'or Advies

Rod'or Advies is an independent technical consultancy firm that specialises in the implementation preparation for 'outdoor space' designs. By this we not only mean the area from facade to facade, but also courtyard gardens and roof gardens. The firm gives high priority to quality and focuses on the technical and financial support during the design phase, the implementation of the specifications phase and support during the implementation phase.

We consider it our challenge to translate designs as completely and realistically as possible into technically and financially feasible plans. This can only be achieved through regular feedback between all parties involved. Communication is characteristic of our method of working and is the foundation of our collaboration.

Thanks to our expertise in the intersection of design, technology and environmental factors, we often have an important advisory role as early as the design phase. We are capable of advising from the perspective of an architect on the technical and financial realisation of a design.

We strive for clarity about all components during the project process. With clear specifications, contract drawings, cost estimates and reports. Transparent, legible and comprehensible to all parties involved. We are only really satisfied when a design is executed as the (landscape) architect intended. This is also the reason why we like to be involved in projects from start to finish, from design to execution.

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