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Healthy turf: basis for higher sporting performances

On turf of higher quality athletes perform better. An optimal management of your sports fields requires insight into all aspects that influence the health of the grass: soil, plant and water. Analyzing the soil, plant and water provide indispensable information. Knowledge aboutthe top layer, the health of the turf and the quality of the irrigation water influences the outcome of your maintenance plan and avoids unexpected maintenance costs afterwards.

The top layer forms the basis of every playing field. Every fieldmanager recognizes the importance of an optimal soil structure. However, this is easier said than done. After all, a good structure is determined by the optimal balance between a large number of factors: air, water, food, organic matter and soil life.

Fertilization Monitor Sport is a complete analysis that provides insight into the most important soil-aspects: the nutrients, pH, CEC, the organic matter content, soil texture, pF-curve et cetera. De Fertilization Monitor Sport is a thorough analysis with which you can further optimize your maintenance plan.

A healthy soil protects plants from diseases. But plants can also become ill in healthy soils. If you detect fungi or diseases in the grass you want to know what the cause is. Only then a proper treatment is possible and you can limit the risk of spreading. However, cause and consequence of certain symptoms are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Apart from fungi and bacteria other stress factors like nematodes can also affect the plant health.

DNA Multiscan provides insight into the presence of pathogens in turf even before giving visual damage. The DNA Multiscan is a unique DNA technique that quickly and reliably demonstrates the presence of fungi in the turf. This allows you to detect the presence of fungi at an early stage and to take the right measures in time.

Nematodes analyse provides information about more than 25 relevant nematode species.

Irrigation in the dry summer months is of great importance to prevent dehydration. In practice however irrigation water can cause many growth problems in the turf if the water contains too high levels of iron (Fe), sodium carbonate and other forms of salt!

Irrigation Check is a water analysis that provides insight into these aspects insight and also pH, EC, main and trace elements.

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