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Advice for greener living
People love green surroundings. Whether we work indoors, get our exercise outdoors or recharge our batteries in scenic green spaces, we can't do without plants and trees. They contribute to a healthy environment in many ways. Green areas are indispensable for creating a more sustainable world. They also play an important social role in creating spaces for people to interact and participate in activities. Ultimately, green spaces contribute to a healthy society: a greener life is a better life. People feel at home in a green environment.

Green architects and engineers
BTL Advies is the architecture and engineering firm specialising in green environments. We are garden designers, landscape architects, ecologists and consultants. Technicians who do the math and make the drawings; consultants who don't mind getting their boots muddy. Experienced specialists who know how to use trees and plants to create green spaces in urban and rural landscapes.

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