Den Ouden Groep

Den Ouden Groep is an international and strong service-oriented family business, with approximately 200 employees, with a high priority for sustainability, BioBased economy, and cradle to cradle. Den Ouden Groep works on innovative solutions, corporate social responsibility, and CO2 reduction on a daily basis. Den Ouden Groep is for example certified at level five of the CO2-performance ladder and PSO-level 3.

Den Ouden Groep provides worldwide services in the field of soil improvers, biofuels, soil Fertilizer, soil safety, urban refurbishment, and concrete construction. Our products and services help to keep our world healthy, fertile and liveable.

Some services/products for the public space for example are:

  • Infra
  • Concrete roads
  • Soil remediation
  • Explosives detection
  • Archeology
  • Collection of green residual flows
  • Soil improvers
  • Tree growing areas
  • Biomass
  • Building materials
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