The Netherlands is a densely populated country; which implies that we have to carefully consider every single square metre of space. We therefore continuously endeavour to utilise all space available as fully as possible. We consider it our duty to create a sustainable balance in the Netherlands' outdoor space, thereby shaping it into a vital living environment. We carry out this duty by pursuing ideas and rendering plans feasible.

Our approach is aimed at creating broad support and ultimately making people happy. We create support by jointly cooperating with the residents and civil servants that comprise the project teams for area redevelopment. In this regard, it is essential that the development is carried out in a sustainable, safe, pleasant, climate proof, functional and affordable manner.

We therefore devise a solution which comprises a highly appealing and viable development plan, featuring copious greenery and water, which citizens can continue to benefit from for year to come. We take spatial adaptation for granted. Our vision of spatial adaptation is a living environment that is climate and future proof, as well as sustainable.

We draft plans for both the present and the future. Demographic data enables us to establish an impression of the current users of public space in a certain area. Such data also offers us insight into the expected users in ten or twenty years' time. Our planning is therefore focused on the short to medium and long term.

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